Web Design Redesign Almost Complete

We hired local web design firm, Asheville Web Design Company to handle the refresh on our upcoming all new website.

We’re excited to unveil the details of the new website soon. Here are some upcoming features that we’re excited to roll out:

1. Google Maps with directions

2. Contect form with auto-submit to any of our departments

3. Live chat so you can reach out customer service direct and live here online

4. Shopping cart so you can buy any of our products and services online.

and much, much more.

What othere features would you like us to consider? What features do you like when you visit other local service providers?

We appreciate you, our loyal customers and the local community of Asheville. Thanks for making this a great year for us, and thanks for cheering us on as we launch this new website soon!

ATV Apparel for Those That Like to Get Muddy

atv clothesMy wife and my girls have been having an absolute blast learning ATV safety and rider instruction together. It’s been a great family bonding experience, and something the girls have just really found lights them up and brings them a lot of laughter and joy.

Its really good to see them having so much fun.

Well, I had to splurge when I saw how much this activity meant to them. I decided to go on the search for some really great atv clothing that would enable them to have fun wearing and totally get dirty because that’s exactly what you do when you are having fun on an ATV.

I found a great website with amazing gear for women and kids, with everything from riding ATV helmets to atv apparel and off road clothes. Awesome stuff and really inspiring wear that encourages women and kids to be adventerous and just have fun in their life and on the trail with the ATVs.

The Muddy Girlz shop has all sorts of great looks with hoodie sweatshirts, t-shirts, and much more. Check out their catalog online because they have all of their latest 2014 apparel in the catalog up on the site and you can have everything shipped directly to your home in Canada or the US.

Launching a new website for our small business

Launching a new website in an attempt to keep things fresh and rebrand yourself is not a small ontaking, especially for small business owners like ourselves who are not tech savvy.

We stumbled upon an incredible resource that we just want to take some time to acknowledge and tell our audience about in case it helps you out and saves you headaches and time like it did for us. This is a resource that helps you learn everything you need to know quickly on launching and customizing a WordPress website.

The resource we used is called WordPress Academy and Encyclopedia and they feature dozens, hundreds maybe, of wordpress tutorials that start off with simple step by steps videos on how to install and get started, to incredibly advanced tutorials on design mechanics, plugins, widgets and more.

I’m not sure exactly where we’d be without this resource, but I know that it costs a lot of money to hire professional web design specialists to create a web site. WordPress Encyclopedia and their video tutorials are absolutely amazing and make creating websites easy and fun.

I hope you enjoy the tutorials they offer and please let us know if this recommendation has been helpful to you at all, like it has been for us!

Also, be sure to post a link to your website so  we can check out what you are creating with wordpress. Here are the direct links that you can use to access WordPress Academy and WordPress Encyclopedia:




Innovating Our Offices

As most of you know, our offices are setup in a series of old locomotives. In some ways it limits our space a bit, but in a lot of ways it increases our output and forces organization positively. Its a lot of fun and it certainly keeps the branding in tact.

This past month, to freshen things up for 2014, we went ahead and did something really unique with our walls. Rather than waste space on desks with notes, clutter, brainstorms, information, we decided to use the best whiteboard paint product on the market, ReMARKable paint to create idea and information space on the walls all around us, 360 degrees.

Its truly amazing. It almost feels like an added dimension of space to dump thoughts, put project data up, ask questions, and collaborate together.

If you haven’t done this to your office space yet, I highly recommend getting on board with the walls without limits train, and apply some Remarkable whiteboard paint coating.

And I have to take some time to vouch for the tremendous service that comes out of this company. We worked with Susan who handled everything for us, including helping us determine how much paint we would need for our project and she even gave us some great tips for application, even though their DIY kit is pretty much as easy as it gets. They make it simple enough for someone that’s never painted before to figure out how to get a great application. When applying, there was no horrendous odors like we heard about other products, and the dry time was only 48 hours! It provides a clean erase for a fully white board after wiping it down with an eraser, and is sparkling and beautifully white. We just love it.

So next time you stop by the offices check out the all new whiteboard walls in our old school traditional locomotive office space!